I prefer to record the spaces between the moments we recall later as memory.


My work often explores aquatic spaces, documenting the surface of water, what might be resting upon it and what may be obscured underneath as reflections and waves amalgamate to create constantly shifting intangible spaces.

Kate Stapleton Parzych is a visual artist and arts educator residing in Buffalo, New York. She is an adjunct professor at Daemen College and Niagara County Community College, has taught at University at Buffalo where she received her MFA. She also conducts workshops in digital as well as darkroom photography and bookmaking at CEPA and WNYBAC.

Kate has exhibited regionally, including the Nazareth College (State of Photography 2015), the Burchfield-Penney Art Center (Displacement: Barge Prototype 2014), Hallwalls (Vascular Modes, 2013), and WNYBAC (Currents, 2013, part of the 5×12 Artist Residency Fellowship), and solo shows at the Flux Gallery at CEPA (RELEASE, 2012), and the C.G.Jung Center (Watermarks, 2011) and was a participant in the NYFA MARK 10 program (ArtSpace Buffalo 2010).



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